Album: NATE SKY- AXELS (2014 MIXTAPE) (2014)

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Song: Nate Sky-Purple Ambition

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Nathan Ezekiel Runnion, better known by his stage name "Nate Sky" was born on September 17th 1996. Nate has been writing songs, playing instruments, rapping, and singing songs since he was six years old. Growing up, Nate had a hard life. He was raised by his single mother, his father whom he talks about in "Everyday Life" left the family before Nate was born. Growing up, nate didn't have many friends, at school he wasn't the most popular. But dont let that fool you, he is one of the most outgoing, brilliant, and motivated musicians out there. Nate is destine to make a huge impact on the music industry in his life. He has made a lot of accomplishments in 2014. Nate has been recognized by the majority of main stream artists. When asked, Nate said "Drake really inspires me, its not the fact that the man is so popular, its the fact that when he hops in the booth he spits real life stories, and real situations that he has been in. His lyrics are so open, and brilliantly written. He defiantly has my respect". Growing up not a lot of people in his school treated him with the respect he deserved. He was the kid everyone used to pick on, and tease. Now, he has a whole new persona. His motivation, and mind set puts him ahead of many artists even twice his age. Nate has been recognized by many mainstream artists. Record labels, Indie and Major have been talking about this youngster. He may only be 18, but you will defiantly be seeing a lot more from this Ambitious teen in 2014.